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Snake vase

René Lalique
Model created in 1924
Mould-blown glass
Property of the Lalique Museum, on loan from Shai Bandmann and Ronald Ooi

The snake is a hugely rich symbol representing both the best and the worst characteristics of the heart of Man. It may symbolise immortality, creation or regeneration, but also death, evil and deceit. The troubling shape of this vase and somewhat threatening air of the snake suggest that René Lalique intended the piece to illustrate the creature’s obscure side.

The way the snake curls around the vase creates the impression of a second vase formed by the snake’s body. René Lalique’s careful observation of nature and technical mastery are such that the snake seems about to come to life.

By the way:  Snakes are featured in a number of Lalique’s works, and in 2010 the Maison Lalique created the Snake perfume bottle for the 150th anniversary of René Lalique’s birth.

Vase Serpent Lalique

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