Beginning: 17 May 2019
End: 3 November 2019

René Lalique’s exceptional artistic talent together with his experience of the industrial world inspired his production in the realms of jewellery, decorative objects, tableware, architecture and perfume bottles.  His friendship with the French perfumer, François Coty, and his decisive role in the history of the perfume industry, are less well known facets of his multifarious career. The philosophy Lalique developed with regard to the design of perfume bottles was in reality a “laboratory” for his underlying philosophy as a master glassmaker.

Perfume has been part of man’s universe from time immemorial in the shape of sacred elixirs with mysterious virtues, the therapeutic scents of aromatherapy, and the fragrances essential to amorous seduction.  Flowers, fragrant woods, resins and animal substances in subtle combinations, were followed in the 19th century by the creation of synthetic essences that heralded a new era for the perfume industry.  This revolution concerned not only production but also marketing, and the bottles that had always been indispensable acquired a new symbolic status, with the power to personify the fragrance they contained. Decorative packaging boxes and posters contributed to the marketing of the image, and the major perfume houses increased the impact of their presence by their participation in major international exhibitions.

The odyssey of perfume will be illustrated in The Invention of Modern Fragrance exhibition staged by the Lalique Museum from 17 May to 3 November 2019. The exhibition will focus on perfume as a fragrant offering and its role in the art of seduction, through the history of the perfume bottle. Some of the secrets of this fascinating industry will be revealed, and the exhibition will highlight the precious contributions of René Lalique in terms of technique, art and marketing.          

Admission charge:

Exhibition alone : €6/pers full price – €3/pers reduced pric – €14/family entrance (1 to 2 adults and up to 5 children)
Exhibition + museum : €9/pers full price – €4.5/pers reduced pric – €21/family entrance (1 to 2 adults and up to 5 children)

Free with an annual pass of the Lalique museum.

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