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René Lalique
Model created in 1926
Mould-blown glass, patina
Property of the Lalique Museum
© Karine Faby

During his career as a master glassmaker, René Lalique created some 300 models of vase between 1909 and 1942. This particular vase featuring storks was designed in 1926.

Although birds were a frequent inspiration in Lalique’s art, storks featured quite rarely. Only four glass pieces have a stork motif: besides this vase, Lalique designed two pendants in 1919 and a set of glasses, Morsbronn, in 1923. The patina on the stork vase serves to enhance the motifs. 

By the way: In 1922, just a few years before designing this vase, René Lalique set up a factory in Alsace, a region of France renowned for the presence of these migratory birds.

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