Liste des œuvres

René Lalique
Pressed glass with patina; wings made of pressed glass with patina, heat-sealed to the body of the vase
Property of the Lalique Museum

The English name of this delicate spring flower reveals its symbolic importance in love poetry, stressing the lover’s desire not to be forgotten.

This charming flower features here on a highly original and technically complex creation. The six pressed glass wings are heat-sealed to the pressed glass body of the vase. This operation requires the glassmaker’s utmost mastery of his technique.

The central part of the piece is decorated with flowers and twirling petals, while the edge of the wings represents a fine line of foliage. The sepia patina enhances the delicate detail of the motifs.

By the way: Flowers were one of René Lalique’s favourite sources of inspiration, and the forget-me-not was represented in a number of his creations. The flower gives its name to a variety of Lalique pieces including a perfume bottle, a lamp and a vanity set.

Vase Myosotis en verre

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