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Start 28 June 2023

End 05 November 2023

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Fauna to the power of 3

Five centuries ago, a handful of itinerant glassmakers installed temporary glassworks in a remote valley of France’s Northern Vosges region. These pioneers were to write the first pages of an extraordinary industrial and artistic venture whose unique know-how persists to this day. These master glassmakers – glass gatherers, blowers and cutters – are « sculptors of light », using techniques and gestures that have been handed down over the centuries.  

The Lalique Museum, the Site Verrier de Meisenthal (the International Centre for Glass Art) and the Saint-Louis Crystal Museum, located within a dozen kilometres of each other, showcase the local glassmaking tradition and contemporary glass creation. They form what we call the Constellation des Etoiles Terrestres (the Constellation of Terrestrial Stars).

René Lalique found immense inspiration in nature. He examined natural elements in the finest detail, scrutinising their specific shapes, forms and structures to capture the essence of the life they contained. Aquatic creatures, reptiles, birds and insects were all sources of inspiration. Lalique’s genius lay in his ability to adapt and compose: rather than copy or stylise nature, he transformed what he observed. His creations instilled magic into matter, and his successors continued to expand on the Lalique bestiary.

Throughout their history, Meisenthal and Saint-Louis have also paid homage to the magical world of fauna, and the current exhibition aims to put into perspective the objects featuring fauna that are conserved in the three museums.

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