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When Lalique crystal meets contemporary art

From 27 April to 4 November 2018, the Lalique Museum pays tribute to the extraordinary artworks that have been produced when Lalique crystal is worked by contemporary artists.Via the prism of these singular and remarkable works of art, the exhibition will showcase both the diverse styles of the artists and the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Maison Lalique.

The pride of French crystalware, Lalique enjoys worldwide renown. Among various new lines of development, in 2011 Lalique Art began working with contemporary artists and designers, putting the expertise of its craftsmen and the unique qualities of crystal – the interplay of light, transparency and colour – at the service of major artists, bringing a fresh vibrancy to this timeless French brand.

Glass has always fascinated man, but by the end of the 19th century it had earned its place as an ideal medium for art. During his career as an avant-garde master jeweller, René Lalique proclaimed, «Glass is a simply marvellous material. (...) (its) incomparable plasticity is a gift in the hands of the ingenious artist, and it provides an almost limitless field of activity and discovery for his imagination and talent.» As an expert glassmaker, he used the age-old lost wax technique, traditionally used for casting bronze, to create both unique pieces and limited editions. These works are particularly valued today.

Exploring the spirit of its illustrious creator, Lalique Art has revived this sophisticated process, using it to complement the traditional blowing and moulding techniques, to produce these exceptional artworks. The process has been used for numerous creative collaborations. Works by Yves Klein and Rembrandt Bugatti have gained new momentum, interpreted in a new material. The lines of architects Zaha Hadid and Mario Botta have given life to vases and bowls. The imagination of sculptor Anish Kapoor has also explored the magic realm of crystal. Painter Terry Rodgers has interpreted René Lalique’s iconic Bacchantes vase, the original of which dates back to 1927, and Damien Hirst has produced a series of sculptures that explore the cycle of life.

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Vase Sirènes by Terry Rodgers (c) Lalique SA


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Beginning 27 April 2018
End 04 November 2018
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