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Visitors are required to respect the following rules, to ensure that your visit runs as smoothly as possible for all concerned:

  • All visitors from age 6 upwards are required to wear a mask in all the museum buildings. Your mask must be worn covering both nose and mouth, throughout your stay in the museum, including time spent in the auditorium. It must be firmly in place when you speak to museum staff. A face shield may be worn in addition to, but not in place of, a mask.
  • From 21 July, visitors will require a health passport or a negative PCR test result less than 72 hours old in order to access the Lalique Museum (from September 30, health passport needed for visitors over 12)
  • Please respect social distancing and other protective measures
  • A limited number of people will be allowed in the shop and museum at one time. You may be asked to wait before having access to certain areas.
  • Please pay by bankcard where possible. The payment terminals are cleaned after each transaction.
  • Please follow the indications giving directions for your visit.

Please respect the access to and from the shop by using the entrance and way out indicated. For your own comfort and that of fellow visitors, please wash your hands on entering the museum space and do not touch objects more than is strictly necessary. Anti-bacterial hand gel is provided.


The museum is cleaned at regular moments through the day, in addition to the full-scale cleaning operation every morning before opening.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available for use by visitors: you are required to cleanse your hands with the sanitizer on entering the museum and at various times during your visit, particularly before touching the touch table and before entering the museum shop.

If you use the stools provided at the entrance to the permanent collections, please place them back in the rack at the end of your visit.They are disinfected after use.

Visio guides will continue to be available for 2.5 Euros per person, and will be thoroughly disinfected after each use.

Masks must be worn in the shop at all times, including when testing perfumes.

Specific bins are available for visitors to deposit used paper tissues.


The Lalique Museum staff will give you the warmest welcome from behind their masks, and will do everything possible to ensure you of a smooth and agreeable visit! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Should a visitor fail to respect the above measures after three reminders by museum or security staff, he or she will be asked to leave the museum. Should the visitor(s) put up any resistance, the local police may be called in.


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Beginning 19 May 2021
End 31 December 2021
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Keep up to date

Receive all the news and hear about events to come by email

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