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René Lalique
Pressed glass
Property of the Lalique Museum

Along with flora and fauna, the female figure was one of René Lalique’s major sources of inspiration. This female nude is representative both of his art and his technique as a master glassmaker. The amber colour is most intense where the glass is thickest, while the folds of the fabric reveal the fine, delicate nature of the material.

The figure may be seen to represent the Susanna of the Bible’s Book of Daniel. On her way back from bathing in her garden, she was accosted by two lustful elderly men. The subject has been depicted in many art works, particularly in a number of paintings. Lalique’s statuette may represent Susanna undressing before entering the water.

By the way:  Suzanne was also the name of one of René Lalique’s daughters, born in 1892. 



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