Liste des œuvres


René Lalique
Mould blown white glass, stem made of satin finish pressed glass
Property of Société Lalique

René Lalique designed the Mouettes (Seagulls) dinner service in 1938. Alongside the Caravelle centrepiece, candelabra and plates, the service had four different types of glasses: water glasses, Bordeaux wine glasses, madeira and champagne glasses. The glass is transparent but the seagulls are moulded into the glass and given a satin finish that accentuates the relief effect.

As with other Lalique designs, René used a single mould for the stems of the different glasses – the shape and size of the bowl varied according to the function of the glass, but all had the same stem – an ingenious idea that meant lower production costs and labour time, all of which improved productivity.

By the way: the seagull motifs are particularly exquisite, no doubt because the service was a limited edition, commissioned by the City of Paris as a gift for the British sovereigns George the VI and Queen Elizabeth, the parents of Elizabeth II, on the occasion of the royal couple’s official visit to France in 1938.  

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