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Architecture and interior design

René Lalique
Glass, metal clips
Pressed glass technique
Property of the Lalique Museum

The Passiflore ceiling light is made up of twelve pentagonal pieces assembled into a sphere with metal clips. The fine cords that support the light also serve to hide the electric wiring.

Each of the twelve pieces represents a passionflower, or passiflora, and though the flower gets its name from Christ’s Passion, the light does not have religious connotations. Flowers and plants were one of René Lalique’s primary sources of inspiration: one of the three F’s – fauna, flora and the female figure.

Lamps and lights of various styles and types were an important but relatively little known area of René Lalique’s work.

By the way: This is believed to be the only Lalique piece with a passionflower motif.

Lustre “Passiflore” créé par René Lalique en 1924 – présenté au musée Lalique de Wingen-sur-Moder


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