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René Lalique
circa 1895-1900
Gold, enamel
Property of Shai Bandmann & Ronald Ooi

Jewellery was a major area of René Lalique’s oeuvre, and included a number of fine and delicate rings. Female figures and fauna were among the artist’s sources of inspiration for his designs, but flowers were the most frequently represented motif for this category of jewellery.

This ring represents an orchid: the dorsal sepal is surounded by two long petals that come together to create an oval shape. The enamelled surfaces are streaked with gold, creating detail and a relief effect.

Rather than simply placing a flower on the piece, the ring itself embodies the orchid’s identity: the flower stalk rolls gracefully around a petal, forming the actual band.  

By the way: The word « orchid » comes from the Greek orkhidion meaning testicle, the reason being the shape of the tubers of certain members of the orchid family.

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