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Nippon table service

René Lalique
Property of the Lalique Museum

In 1921, René Lalique set up a factory in the town of Wingen-sur-Moder, in Alsace. The new factory focused primarily on everyday tableware – glasses, decanters and carafes, bowls, plates and dishes.

The Nippon service was an important item in the Lalique catalogue during the inter-war period. The Great Depression did not stop René Lalique from seeking to pursue and expand his business. His philosophy was to rationalise production methods, thus reducing costs, and to focus on new techniques, which enabled him to achieve superior quality.

Lalique’s Nippon service uses the mould-blown glass technique, and gives the illusion of unique, hand-made objects. The multitude of tiny bubbles accentuates the highly precious effect – acting like miniscule reflectors, the effect of the bubbles is dazzling.  The service combines the simplicity of modern design with the reliability of classical values. The shape of the carafe resembles that of a pear-shaped aryballos or a Greek amphora with no handles.

By the way: No other Lalique service has as many pieces as the Nippon service. It includes numerous glasses, a wine decanter, a water jug, an oil and vinegar set, plates, a tray, hand bowls, a butter dish, and an hors d’oeuvres dish.

Service Nippon créé par René Lalique en 1930


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