Liste des œuvres

Perfume bottle

René Lalique
Circa 1910
Pressed glass: two pieces heat-sealed together, pressed glass stopper, patina
Private collection

René Lalique created this perfume bottle, L’Idylle, in around 1910. It was most probably an experimental model, as there are very few examples in circulation, making it all the more exceptional.

The stopper has a flower motif, while the bottle is illustrated with two different scenes, and ribbons and garlands enhance its shape.

On the front, a man and woman seem to be fleeing, naked, while the scene on the back shows the couple dancing gaily and playing with the garlands. The reddish brown patina enhances the details of this tender, loving scene.

By the way: the mould-blown technique is the one generally used for bottles, so this is an exception to the rule: the two pressed glass pieces are heat-sealed together, a technique enabling more precise detail for the illustrations.

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