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Decorative items

René Lalique
Pressed glass for the base, engraved pressed glass for the tiara
Property of Shai Bandmann and Ronald Ooi

René Lalique designed bottles, lamps and lamp-cum-perfume diffusers all using the tiara motif, making it one of his signature features.

The base of the Epis lamp is discreet in its simplicity, leaving the tiara to radiate its richly ornate and intricate presence. The Epis are ears of corn gathered into sheaves that flow from a vase, represented by the base.

The light from the lamp not only served to provide interior lighting, by refraction it also lit up the lamp’s delicate decor. The fine lines representing the corn silk were etched by hand, such a degree of detail being difficult to attain with the pressed glass technique.

By the way: René Lalique produced no more than ten Epis lamps. The base of this one bears the inscription N°3 of 10.


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